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Health-conscious, nutrition-focused individuals are likely to be familiar with the myriad benefits of adequate dietary fiber intake. However, even the most dedicated wellness junkies may be unfamiliar with one particular type of fiber: inulin.

Inulin’s recognition has been growing thanks to the numerous health benefits it has been shown to provide. By helping maintain the balance of good bacteria compared to bad bacteria in the gut, inulin is a powerhouse when it comes to keeping the digestive system healthy.

Inulin is a soluble dietary fiber found in fruits and vegetables, including chicory. The root of the chicory plant can be dried and used in cooking or as a coffee substitute. Certain dietary fiber supplements, including Fiber Choice®, a prebiotic supplement that’s available as tablets or gummies, contain inulin fiber that is sourced directly from chicory root.

The bacteria in your gut converts inulin fiber into short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which provide many health benefits. SCFAs act as the body’s molecular messengers; they provide energy to the cells inside the digestive tract, particularly the colon, to help give the gut mucosal barrier a boost and to keep things moving, so to speak.1 Daily inulin, as a dietary supplement, helps support regularity.

Besides being high in fiber and low in calories, inulin has numerous health benefits. Fiber from inulin can help keep you full for an extended period because of its ability to slow digestion and improve satiety. Additionally, it can improve cholesterol levels and allow sugar to be released more slowly, thus helping to control blood sugar. Inulin could even potentially lower your risk for developing certain noncommunicable diseases.2

Inulin is beneficial and easily accessible for those who take an interest in their health. One study suggests that people who consumed more inulin were happier and less hungry than the placebo group.3 Fiber Choice products, with inulin sourced from chicory root, are an easy way to make sure you get the daily fiber you need each day. Learn more by exploring our full range of products.


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*The inulin in this product is sourced from a vegetable (chicory root).

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