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Eating Fiber May Help Keep Your Brain Young

If you’re considering increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, you’re likely aware of its benefits to your digestive health. However, did you know that consuming more fiber also supports healthy brain function?1 As you think about improving your physical health, consider the health of your brain as well!

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois found a connection between a fiber-rich diet, healthy gut bacteria, and brain function in mice.2 Researchers fed one group of mice a diet rich in fiber and compared their responses to a control group (with no modified diet). By the end of the study, the stomachs of the mice in the test group had higher quantities of a substance called butyrate. Subsequently, this substance is a product of healthy gut bacteria!

Butyrate also works to reduce inflammation around brain cells that work as a brain’s immune system (microglia).

Consequently, reducing inflammation around microglia reduces the risk of brain degeneration. As a result, this will improve memory and associated learning capabilities! Maintaining a healthy brain, at any age, but especially for geriatrics, will improve one’s quality of life.

Due to the fast-paced world that pulls us in a million different directions, being intentional with your diet is difficult. In order to keep up with an increasingly busy schedule, having convenient ways to increase your fiber intake is a must. The Fiber Choice® family of products will help you accomplish your digestive and overall wellness goals. With a delicious assortment of flavors and forms, taking care of your brain’s health and improving your diet has never been easier.


1 Paredes, Rebecca. Eating More Fiber Could Slow Brain Aging, Says New Study. Bulletproof. Accessed Feb 8 2019.
2 Stephanie M. Matt, Jacob M. Allen, Marcus A. Lawson, Lucy J. Mailing, Rodney W. Johnson. Butyrate and Dietary Soluble Fiber Improve Neuroinflammation Associated With Aging in Mice. Frontiers in Immunology.

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