Balance your diet, balance your health Balance your diet, balance your health

Practicing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle may have more benefits to your body beyond your waistline. As a rule, this way of eating is better for you than the typical American diet with its focus on heavy meat consumption, dairy, and processed foods. Those who consume whole foods with a focus on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains may lower risk for many chronic diseases, and now, as it turns out, COVID-19 too1

Many of the illnesses present in today’s society stem from neglecting personal health in favor of what tastes good, usually foods high in sugar or processed carbohydrates. These diets can lead to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and severe obesity1. Individuals with these (usually) diet-inflicted diseases are also more likely to test positive for COVID-191.

The solution? Eat better. While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding any new disease, and many things feel out of our control, it’s important to focus on what we can control. This includes what we’re putting in our bodies. Switch out donuts for oatmeal with sweet fruit. Eat plant-based proteins instead of steak for dinner. Many small changes like this can lead to a massive overall change: better health and lower disease risk. High-fiber diets may support heart health, help individuals lose weight, and regulate blood sugar1. Fiber can’t be found in highly processed foods but can in many delicious fruits and vegetables. If you are finding it difficult to get enough fiber in your diet, consider a dietary supplement such as Fiber Choice® Fruity Bites. These fun gummies taste like candy and help you get more of the daily prebiotic fiber you need for overall good health.


1 Jackson C. Eating for Health in the Age of Covid-19. Psych Central. Published May 4, 2020. Accessed May 14, 2020.

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