Balance your diet, balance your health Balance your diet, balance your health

Each week we discuss a new topic related to fiber consumption and its many benefits. By now, you might be thinking, is there anything fiber can’t do!? The list of ways that increased fiber consumption can enhance your overall health is certainly extensive. Research on the power of the gut microbiome to affect the rest of the body is ongoing. One emerging benefit of the effect of fiber on the gut is related to the way the body absorbs key nutrients.

Prebiotic dietary fiber, like that found in Fiber Choice® daily fiber supplements, help to enhance microbial fermentation1. This helps increase production of SCFAs, or short-chain fatty acids. SCFAs have been shown to increase calcium absorption2. As most know, adequate calcium intake is vital to the health of bones and teeth. Thus, increasing your daily intake of dietary fiber can have benefits that extend beyond the gut.

Specifically for women, bone health should be a priority. It’s estimated that half of women over age 50 will experience a bone break due to osteoporosis3. Osteoporosis is a condition wherein bones are less dense and more porous, leading to an increased risk for breaks and fractures. Women are more likely than men to develop this condition and thus should pay close attention to their calcium intake.

Fiber Choice Bone Health tablets are designed for dual action. With 500 mg of calcium and four grams of prebiotic fiber (which we now know aids in the absorption of calcium) per serving, Fiber Choice can help you take care of your gut and your bones.


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