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How Fiber and Water Go Hand in Hand

The importance of drinking water in relation to good health cannot be overstated. Maintaining hydration is necessary for your body to function properly, as well as making you feel better. 

Water is needed for every system in your body- especially your heart, brain, skin, muscles and digestion.1,2 Being hydrated allows your heart to more efficiently pump blood, your muscles to work longer, and skin to be more moisturized. 

In the digestive system, water helps move waste through, keeping you clean internally. In fact, to function at its best, the body needs both water and fiber for healthy digestion. Fiber aids the body by aiding in prevention of chronic disease, allowing increased absorption of other nutrients, and can improve cholesterol. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are needed. Soluble fiber binds with water, helping you to be full longer and can prevent spikes in blood sugar, among other benefits. Insoluble fiber can help to prevent constipation by trapping water.3

If you’re finding it difficult to drink enough water here are some common practices:

  • Carrying a reusable water bottle to work and around the house
  • When eating, always have a glass of water
  • If you work out, be sure to drink water before and after
  • Many fruits and vegetables are water rich, and eating them can help hydration
  • Make your water flavored

If your struggle is with having enough fiber in your diet- as most Americans are- Fiber Choice can help. Fiber Choice has a wide range of product options so you can find your fiber- fit. Fiber Choice® Flavor DropsTM can be added to water, adding flavor and fiber. Gummies come in fun, fruity flavors and are a convenient way to get the fiber you need. Explore more about Fiber Choice and if it is the right option for you.


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