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Immune Function and the Gut Environment

It’s hard to believe that we’re already six months into the COVID-19 crisis in North America. As many of us attempt to establish a “new normal” for daily life, personal health and immune function are still largely at the forefront of public consciousness. Social distancing and wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) are excellent tactics for limiting contact with others and thereby preventing the spread of disease; however, is there more we can do to protect ourselves from germs, viruses, and diseases? Yes!

Let’s start by defining immunity and the immune system itself. The immune system is the body’s combined defense mechanisms that fight against the invasion of harmful viruses, antigens, and pathogens. It also helps the body recover from the effects of these foreign bodies. When you think of your body’s immune system attacking a virus, for example, you may think of white blood cells coordinating an attack on invader cells in the bloodstream, but this is only part of the whole picture of immune function. 

Emerging research on the relationship between the gut and immune function shows that a healthy and diverse gut microbiome can have a positive effect on the body’s ability to jump into action when it encounters antigens and pathogens.1 Essentially, the effects of the food/fuel we consume extend far beyond digestion. 

It is thought that over 70% of the immune system is found in the gut.2 With dietary fiber, particularly prebiotic fiber like that found in Fiber Choice® products, providing fuel for the “friendly” bacteria in the gut microbiome, it’s no wonder that experts are pointing to fiber as a way to help boost immune function.*2

Studies show that most of us aren’t getting enough of the daily prebiotic fiber we need.3 Fiber Choice tablets and gummies are a delicious and convenient way to get more of the fiber you need for digestive health, and immune function support.* Learn more about fiber benefits and the full range of Fiber Choice products today!


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