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What’s the Deal with Fiber Gummies?

Dietary supplements are a common way to, well, supplement one’s diet. In theory we all know what comprises a healthy diet—lots of fruits and vegetables, some healthy fats, with minimal sugar and simple carbs. But in a world with endless quick and delicious, albeit nutrient-poor options like fast food and heavily processed, packaged snacks, it can be difficult to make wise dietary choices.  Dietary supplements can be a great way to help meet nutritional needs that aren’t always met through food alone. 

In recent years, gummy supplements have emerged as a fun and tasty supplement format. Fiber Choice gummies make closing The Fiber Gap™ easy and convenient. With just two delicious fruit flavored gummies per day, consumers get 3 grams of soluble dietary fiber. That’s about the same as a cup of brussels sprouts!

Fiber Choice gummies are available in two varieties: 

  • Fruity Bites come in an assortment of pear, cherry, and blue raspberry flavors. With naturally sourced colors and natural flavors, these tasty gummies are a great way to get more of the daily fiber you need for overall good health. 
  • Metabolism & Energy Support Fruity Bites help overall well-being by supporting your digestive health and kick-starting your metabolism with an excellent source of Vitamins B6 and B12. 

Both varieties are vegan and contain inulin, the same fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. If gummies aren’t for you, Fiber Choice Assorted Fruit tablets are another tasty option. These sugar-free, chewable tablets provide 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving. 

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