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What’s the Deal with Plant-Based?

Impossible meat, Omnipork, Beyond burger, oh my! If you’ve been paying even a little attention to recent food trends, you’ve certainly noticed the onslaught of meat alternatives in your grocery aisles. Even beyond the food aisles, you’re bound to see household cleaners and self-care products that tout the plant-based label. This seemingly sudden shift may have you wondering, “is a plant-based approach actually better for you?”  

Evidence suggests that a vegetarian or vegan diet puts individuals at a lower risk for cardiac events and heart disease.1 In addition to the many health benefits, environmental and economic factors may also contribute to the decision to ditch the dairy and meat. Regardless of their reason for choosing one of these dietary lifestyles, no vegan or vegetarian is a stranger to the question, “but how do you get all the nutrients you need?” The answer usually lies in a well planned diet that focuses on whole foods and minimizing processed foods. Highly processed foods, including many meat or animal products, have been linked to increases in chronic illnesses and obesity.2 Furthermore, when compared to plant-based, vegan diets, diets high in processed foods result in decreased satiety, increased inflammation and cholesterol, and weight gain. 

Despite knowing the benefits of going plant-based, or even just incorporating more whole foods into your diet, many find it difficult to get started and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Life constantly seems to be getting busier, and taking the time to cook a healthy meal with natural, plant-based ingredients can feel like just another tick on your to-do list. Additionally, processed foods like those you can find at your nearest drive-thru are cheap and convenient. It can be hard to dedicate yourself to health while balancing all of the daily responsibilities of work and family. If you’re not ready to go full-throttle vegan today, that’s fine! Just making one small change can make a lasting impact on your health. Fiber Choice makes it easy to get more of the daily fiber you need for overall wellness. And, it’s made with the same fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. Learn more about the full line of Fiber Choice products today. 


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