Fiber Choice® Chewable Tablets

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Fiber Choice® Chewable Tablets

11 (2.8) Be the first to review this product

Fiber Choice® Chewable Tablets are convenient prebiotic fiber supplements to help support regularity*. 

Nutrition Highlights

Made with plant-based prebiotic fiber.


Available Sizes:

90 ct Assorted Fruit Flavors

90 ct Assorted Fruit Flavors 2pk

About Fiber Choice® Chewable Tablets

Fiber Choice® chewable tablets are convenient prebiotic fiber supplements to help support regularity*. 



Made from inulin, a soluble fiber found in some fruits and vegetables

Inulin stimulates the growth and activity of good bacteria that live in your digestive system, which is vital for a healthy immune system*

#1 Gastroenterologist recommended

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 



New formula not good.

From: John_645c386b16b80 | May 11, 2023

I have been using this product for three years and just got a bottle of the reformulated product and can truthfully say it is not anywhere as good as the old formula.

Flavor Changes Is Gross

From: Regina _644daaa891285 | Apr 29, 2023

I’ve used Fiber Choice in the past and they were pleasant to eat I just purchased some today and the flavor is HORRIBLE! I can’t describe what it really tastes like but the NEW flavor is GROSS!!! Please go back to the original recipe from at least the end of 2022! The change is NOT good! I will be returning these to Walmart for a refund of my money!!!!


From: | Apr 25, 2023

Tried these to use for more fibre. They taste terrible, get stuck in your teeth. Would not recommend. The packaging is the only good thing about the product.

Does the job

From: Jack w | Apr 21, 2023

I don't understand all the bad reviews. It works great. Taste is tolerable, but what do you expect? you're not eating a snickers. its a supplement.

New flavor is absolutely disgusting

From: | Apr 06, 2023

I have been buying fiber choice for a very long time. Looks like I will have to look for a replacement. The old flavor was great the new flavor is so bad it made me gag when I tried it for the first time. So awful!!!

New flavor ~ why? It's gross!!!

From: | Apr 04, 2023

I have used your product forever. Now I have to find something else. The new flavors are terrible! Chalky and foam in your mouth. GROSS! Please go back to the original flavors. I really liked that one! Now I have a full bottle I won't use.


From: | Apr 02, 2023

I used these for years and liked the taste. Recently, the taste has changed - terrible! I don't know what changed, but they are horrible tasting now.

New flavor is awful

From: | Mar 16, 2023

The new flavor is awful. Very artificial tasting & chalky. I don't know who thought they tasted better than the old flavor. Yuck.

Fiber choice prebiotic fiber supplement

From: Mary Alleger | Jan 05, 2023

Go back to your old recipe. These do not taste as good and stick to your teeth. Sorry to say I am not happy with your product. If I find a better one,I will change. So please go back to the old recipe.

Artificial sweetener is troublesome

From: | Nov 27, 2022

PLEASE bring back the original orange formula. They are the only thing that helped with my IBS. Sorbitol causes severe digestive problems.

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