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Fiber & Fullness

October 31, 2018

There’s no magic spell for weight management. There is, however, a magic formula: diet + exercise. No one likes to hear that getting healthy will take work, but it’s the truth. Managing your weight requires regular exercise and a consistent, nutrient-rich diet.

Two common hurdles for those trying to rein in their eating habits are the tendency to over-eat, and the classic diet hunger. Feeling full is difficult when you go from eating burgers and pizza to salads and grains. And when you find something delicious, it’s easy to just keep eating. Dietary fiber can help mitigate these blunders and help you find balance of your health and wellness journey.

Cutting calories and increasing dietary fiber is a common tactic for managing one’s weight. Even if you’re not trying to alter your weight in either direction, a high-fiber diet has myriad health benefits that extend beyond digestion. But, if you struggle with not feeling full, soluble fiber may help. All of this may help you feel fuller sooner and longer, thereby stopping you from reaching for more.

If you’re considering going on a diet or are interesting in finding new ways to manage your weight, it’s important that you consult a physician before making any lifestyle changes.

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