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Inulin Intake May Help with Bowel Regularity and Inner Well-Being

July 16, 2019

The journey towards overall well-being and health has many roads. We know that increasing daily fiber intake is one such road. Functional ingredients manufacturer BENEO GmbH produces fiber products that will benefit you on your journey to a healthy gut.1

BENEO incorporates chicory root in the production of inulin-rich, functional ingredients, including those found in the Fiber Choice® family of products. Inulin is a type of soluble fiber that acts as food for friendly gut bacteria.2 While other ingredient manufacturers use chemical processes to include inulin, BENEO uses an all-natural process via hot water extraction. Studies of BENEO’s fiber products show a correlation between prebiotics and the health of the microbiome.

The effects of inulin on your gut health are far-reaching. This research surrounding inulin and specifically of BENEO’s prebiotics has shown how important these nutrients are to gut health. Friendly gut bacteria utilize inulin as a food source that supplies them with nutrients to grow. Providing proper nutrients to the bacteria in our gut may help lead to increased regularity, reduced risk of cancer, and overall digestive health.

Prebiotics like fiber from inulin are vital to gut health and maintaining a thriving microbiome. However, it’s difficult to get all the specific nutrients our gut requires from food alone.  Adding fiber supplements into your daily diet is a cost-effective and convenient way to boost your consumption of soluble fiber. Learn more today how Fiber Choice® products can help you in your journey to overall gut health and well-being!










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