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Getting Enough Fiber While Eating Out

July 2, 2019

Everyone enjoys chowing down at their favorite restaurant. However, not many of us consider the nutritional makeup of the meals we order when dining out. When was the last time you asked yourself which menu item provides the most dietary fiber? Exactly.

According to surveys by the USDA, the average American gets 1.5 more grams of fiber per 1,000 calories when they eat at home.1 But this doesn’t mean you have to stop dining out! Remembering a few helpful nutrition tips when you’re looking over a menu will help you get closer to your daily fiber needs.

First, be on the lookout for menu options containing fruits and vegetables. For example, skip the side of fries and look for asparagus or fruit salad to accompany your meal. Or, find out what soups are available. Offerings like vegetable soup are delicious, high-fiber options you can feel good about.

Finding whole grain alternatives to standard bread products can also help you up your fiber intake. Ask your server about whole grain hamburger buns, wraps, or corn tortillas. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite meals while still looking out for your gut health!

Finally, when in doubt, think beans! Depending on the restaurant, you might be able to find a variety of high-fiber bean options including soups, sides, and burritos. Beans are a delicious, easy way to increase your fiber intake when dining out.

Fiber may not always be your first concern when eating out. But, by making an effort to look for healthy, high-fiber options, you do your gut a major favor. However, when you can’t get all the daily fiber you need from food alone, Fiber Choice® chewable tablets and gummies are there to help you close the Fiber Gap™. Learn more about Fiber Choice and gut health today!








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