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The Importance of Fiber During Pregnancy

May 8, 2019

The nutritional properties of fiber are beneficial at all stages of life. However, during pregnancy, consuming enough fiber is even more crucial. Doctors recommend that during pregnancy, women should strive to consume at least 28 grams of fiber a day.1 Maintaining a healthy diet while “eating for two” can be difficult, but, as you’ll see, it’s vital to the health of both mother and child.   

A higher intake of fiber during pregnancy addresses two possible pain points. The first is the slowing of the digestive system due to increased hormone levels in the body during your pregnancy. This, coupled with organ displacement from the womb, can lead to a decrease in your regularity, or to constipation. By maintaining a healthy amount of fiber in your diet, you will help your body compensate for this metabolic slowdown.

A second pain point that fiber can help resolve is pregnancy weight gain. Because fiber absorb fats in the body, pregnancy weight gain can be kept at a healthy level. This will make it easier for you to lose weight post-pregnancy as well.

Because of the wide assortment of fiber-rich foods and supplements available, it is easier than ever to increase your fiber intake! Besides the obvious option of fruits and vegetables, whole grain-based foods, as well as beans and nuts also provide a high amount of fiber. Fiber Choice® supplements are also a convenient option that can help you reach your fiber intake goals.  


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